The Resurrection is a 12’ x 40’ mural, oil on canvas. It is a depiction of the moment of Jesus emerging from the tomb, with waiting angels, fainted roman guards, and a crowd of Biblical notables excitedly waiting for His exit. Capturing something of this size for reproduction is no small feat.

We offer vignette and full framed and unframed canvas editions available.


The Resurrection Mural Prints
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Vignette OE Paper Vignette Unframed OE Canvas Full Mural
Framed OE CanvasFull Framed
  • Vignette Print
  • 36" x 24"
  • Perfect for regular poster frames
  • Signed by Ron DiCianni

  • Unframed Full Mural Canvas Print
  • 60" x 19"
  • Hand Stretched Canvas
  • Signed by Ron DiCianni

  • Framed Full Mural Canvas Print
  • 60" x 19"
  • Hand-crafted Frame
  • Signed by Ron DiCianni

This Open Edition Vignette of Ron DiCianni's The Resurrection Mural is a stunning Fine Art Reproduction on Paper showing the center section of this captivating mural. Prominently centering in on Christ emerging from the Tomb, the Vignette edition is perfect for home or office exhibition and comes ready to frame. While not a reproduction of the entire mural, the Vignette edition skillfully captures the point and purpose of this incredible mural and will impact viewers for generations to come! The Open Edition Fine Art Reproduction on Canvas captures the full majesty of Ron DiCianni's The Resurrection Mural and displays all of the characters and elements of the original. This exact reproduction of the mural is perfect for Home or Church display and will captivate the viewer with the truth of Jesus Christ emerging victorious from the Tomb. The Unframed version arrives stretched & ready to frame. The Framed Open Edition Canvas version is the same canvas reproduction offered to the left but comes ready to display featuring an exquisite medium to dark wood frame that has slight overtones of cherry. While no choice of framing is possible with the framed version, the framing of this piece is done here in the USA by master craftsmen and is guaranteed to rival the framing of the best custom frame shops.

A Special Note About the Above Prints: Each of these Reproductions is crafted to the highest standard and meets or exceeds the Fine Art standard. Tapestry Productions is the largest dedicated Christian Fine Art Publisher in America and home to some of the world's top Christian artists. Each reproduction is printed in the USA and all of our canvas prints are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen here in our own facility.

Prices do not include S/H or tax (if applicable). Please call for international orders.